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Stochastic discount factor

stochastic discount factor

estimations or outcomes, deterministic modeling is the opposite. This process is then repeated in a number of different ways to produce a number of solutions. The fundamental theorem of asset pricing in finance suggests that the price of any asset is its discounted expected value of future payoff specifically under risk-neutral measure or valuation. This expected payoff is discounted by a unique factor that depends upon the framework set forth by the market. . Such modeling is, much of the time, used for financial planning and actuarial work that allows investors and traders to optimize asset allocation as well as asset-liability management. Stochastic Modeling in the Investment World.

stochastic discount factor

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Pricing Kernel and Asset Pricing. In risk-neutral measure, this positive stochastic discount factor would theoretically be used to discount the payoff of any asset. Hansen and Jagannathan (HJ, 1991) describe restrictions on the volatility of stochastic discount factors (SDFs) that price a given set of asset returns. Deterministic modeling also typically dictates there is only one set of specific values. Their approach is to multiply the original returns by the lagged variables, and much of the asset pricing literature to date has followed this ihmultiplicativel. In theory, risk-neutral valuation (in which there is an absence of arbitrage opportunities in the market) implies the existence of some positive random variable or the stochastic discount factor. Science, Tech, Math, social Sciences, daniel Grill/Getty Images, the asset pricing kernel, also known as the stochastic discount factor (SDF is the random variable that satisfies the function used in computing the price of an asset. We also evaluate the asymptotic standard errors for the HJ bounds, from Hansen, Heaton and Luttmer (1995). 1, properties edit, if pidisplaystyle p_i is positive, by using Rixi/pidisplaystyle tilde R_itilde x_i/p_i to denote the return, we can rewrite the definition.

Stochastic discount factor, aRPM Lab DOC, lecture 1: Risk and Risk Aversion - Leeds School of Business